Daycare Contract Template

A daycare contract template is a legally binding contract between the parents or guardians of child and nanny or care provider which is used to specify the things that you have agreed upon with your child care provider. Generally one of the most important things you need when starting a daycare from my point of view is to have a firm daycare contract because it spells out all your rules, terms, policies and expectations for parents. Therefore it is important that you will have a signed contract with your child care provider before starting the care. This day care contract template also makes easy for you to find the clients that match with the type of business you want to run.

Details of Daycare Contract Template

Generally a daycare contract template compels that how you want to run your business as well as helps you find the parents that will match with the type of care you are looking to provide. This contract also helps to protect the daycare provider, the parents or guardians and the child. This daycare contract template will give you a better picture of how your child will be cared for when you are not there and when you are leaving your child in the hands of care provider it will also gives you a peace of mind. This agreement can also help to avoid disputes with your caregiver because it outlines the expectations for both parties.

Generally a day care contract should include following information such as names of the children, ages of the children, parents or guardian contact information, the date of the agreement, care provider’s contact information, contracted hours, detail of payments, overtime rates, rates of holidays, deposits or other expenses, termination procedure, rest time, trial adjustment period, confidentiality, signature of parents and care provider. In addition a daycare contract also includes child care policies for other important circumstances such as illness, disciplines, emergencies and transportation. You can use this daycare agreement template when you want to spell out your expectations for your child care or in case when you are daycare provider who wants to get your contract in writing.

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