Brand Ambassador Contract Template

A brand ambassador is usually a celebrity who is paid to endorse or promote a specific company’s products or services. A brand ambassador contract template is very crucial agreement between a company and generally a celebrity to collaborate or work together with respect to the endorsement of the product or services which the company owns or is in the process of developing. This contract contains all terms and conditions that apply to the participation in the brand ambassador program. The contract will begin upon the acceptance of the brand ambassador and will end when terminated by each part.

Details of Brand Ambassador Contract Template

Generally the basic purpose of brand ambassador contract template is that the ambassador will promote the company products to customers by regularly holding trunk shows or any other form of advertisement in accordance with the policies depicted in the contract as well as it will present the company product in a truthful, honest and sincere way. Normally a brand ambassador contract template provides for variables and set out certain particular duties of the brand ambassador and company as well. This agreement is very suitable for the products marketed and sold worldwide as well as it can also be used for purely domestic arrangements.

Generally this contract includes some key provisions such as the date of the agreement, name of company, product or service title, name of the brand ambassador, duration of the agreement, detailed definition of the terms used in the contract, outlined comprehensively the obligations of both parties, royalties, payment terms, share options, mutual indemnities, compensation, confidentiality, termination and protection of legal rights of ambassador. It is very essential to agree to the terms and conditions that spelled out in the contract before working with the company as a brand ambassador. Generally, brand ambassador agreement template generally signed on an annual basis and at the end of the year this contract must be renewed in order to extent the time period of the contract.

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