7 Business Contract Templates

1- Industry Contract Template

Whenever two or more then two industries wish to work together or want to start business together, they must prepare a legal document which called Industry contract and the format which they will use to prepare it is called Industry Contract Template or Industry Agreement Template. It clearly identifies all terms and conditions, work nature, securities, working procedure and other information about both companies………………….More?

2- Partnership Contract Template

When two or more then two persons want to start a business together as partners for profit by investment, they sign a legal document which called partnership contract and the format which they used is called Partnership Contract Template or Partnership Agreement Template. This contract spells out all right and obligations and other terms and conditions of partnership regarding their business. That may be amount of investment, nature of business, duration of partnership………………….More?

3- Consultant Contract Template

A consultancy contract is legal document which must have by any consultant while he/she works for clients and the format which is used to prepare is called consultancy contract template or Consultancy Agreement Template. It clearly identify that what work he/she will perform for the client, what will be compensations and providing legal protection for consultant and client in their working relation………………….More?

4- Construction Contract Template

A construction contract is signed between contractor and client and the format which is used to prepare is called construction contract template or Construction Agreement Template. It spells out the rights and obligations of both parties in relation to work performed by the contractor. It contains all information and terms about work about which deal is making. A construction contract template defines work of contractor, duration of work……………..More?

5- Consignment Contract Template

Consignment is a business in which owner of goods or any other objects offer his goods to an individual or a company for sale on percentage. Owner of goods called consignee and buyer or receiver of goods known as consignee. They both sign a contract before making any deal that is called consignment contract and the format which is used to prepare is called consignment contract template or consignment agreement template……….More?

6- Bill of Sales Contract Template

Bill of sale is a document that prepared by seller to buyer in which reporting about goods, locality, price and other specific information and the format which is used to prepare is called bill of sales template. Where as bill of sale contract is a document signed by buyer and seller before making any deal between them and the format which is used to prepare is called a bill of sales contract template. It defines all terms and conditions and other important information about sales………………….More?

7- Business Contract Template

When two business parties want to make any deal of business, they make a contract in which all terms and conditions mentioned and this contract is called business contract and the format which is used to prepare is called business contract template or business agreement template. In this business contract template, everything about business clearly identifies just as their responsibilities, work performance and any other terms……………………..More?