6 Financial Contract Templates

1- Credit Contract Template

This credit contract template can protect consumers when they borrowing money from an individual or a company. When someone wishes to borrow loan from bank or any other loan provider company, first of all he or she must agree upon their terms and conditions. When both parties show their understanding for this transaction, then they mutually sign a credit contract by using credit contract template, they entered into legal binding contract. It covers all terms and conditions about credit or loan and all other information………………………..More?

2- Finance Contract Template

A finance contract template may sign between two parties known as “Lender and borrower”. There are so many companies who provide financial services to their customers to establish their business or to fulfill their other financial need. A finance contract template indicates all terms and conditions about how a finance facility can be obtained. If an individual or a company wishes to get financial services then they should contact to different financial provider companies. After accepting all terms and conditions, both parties can sign a document which is called……………….More?

3- Sales Commission Contract Template

Sales commission contract is a legal contract between two parties during sale or exchange of goods, services or property from seller to buyer and the format which is used to prepare is called sales commission contract template or sales commission agreement template. It covers all terms and conditions regarding sales, such as types of services or goods, qualities, duration, price and other specific information. Both parties sign this contract before making any deal when they agree with all terms and conditions……………………….More?

4- Loan Contract Template

A loan contract is a legal document which prepared when an individual or a company offer loan to some one and the format which is used to prepare is called loan contract template or Loan Agreement Template. This contract Identify all necessary rules and regulations about loan and its terms. For instance; rate of interest, payment method, payment duration and installment and period of loan. When other party agreed with all terms and conditions and signs the contract after that loan issue to that party…………………………..More?

5- Lease Contract Template

A lease contract template or lease agreement template is a formal document in which the owner of property allows another party to use the property for a specific time period for specific periodic payment by accepting all terms and conditions from the owner. Lease contract template can involve any property or object that legal to own. A lease is created when a land lord or owner of property makes an offer to another party to and other party accepts the offer. Normally lease contract may be written or orals, but a lease for certain kind of property must be written and signed by both parties…………………………More?

6- Rental Contract Template

A rental Contract template or rental agreement template is a written document which contains terms and conditions of rent specified by the landlord to the renter. It signed by tenant or renter that he is agree with all terms and conditions like amount of rent and duration of payment. A rental contract template is commonly used by real estate agencies while they are giving their property to a renter. It may contains, owner name, property identification, annual rent price, rental period payment method etc. It is beneficial for both parties for their security; it also protects the owner from damages by the renter…………………………More?