3 Employment Contract Templates

1- Employment Contract Template

When a company hires an employee for his services, they make a contract which identifies the terms of conditions of employment and other information about company and work and the format which they used is called Employment Contract Template or Employment Agreement Template. I may define the duration of employment and facilities that will be provided to the employee from company as well. Both parties sign this document when they both agree with all conditions mentioned in contract……………………….More?

2- Training Contract Template

There are so many professional training institutes and schools that provide training to their student. Before any training session, they prepare a document which is called training contract template in order to make things according to standards. In training contract, everything about training and training course is mentioned. Like as time period of training, requirements, fee and all about training skills that you had to learn from them. It is mostly prepared before proper training, and signed when both trainer and trainee agree………………….More?

3- Service Contract Template

A service contract is a formal agreement signed by services provider companies or organizations to provide specific service for certain period of time and the format which is used to prepare is called Service Contract Template or service agreement template. This may contains information about all services that company provides to their customers. Such as type of services, period of service and quality etc. It also clarifies all term and conditions about those services. Service contract template signs in that situation when customer totally satisfied……………..More?