Property Rental Contract Template

The property rental contract template is a written legal agreement between a landlord and tenant whereby a landlord gives a tenant the right to occupy the residential premises. The contract is of great importance as it contain all the legal details regarding the rental property as well as it is a legal requirement too. It will let the tenant know which properties they are going to use apart from the apartment. The terms of the rent should be specified very carefully. All the terms and conditions regarding the rental property such as the basis of calculation, whether it will be month-to-month or a year-to-year payment. The contract contain the date rental agreement begins the date on which the tenant take occupancy of the premises, and the date the rental agreement ends.

The amount of the monthly rent is also mentioned along with the date the rent need to be paid. Or if the amount of rent will be late any late charge if applicable should be mentioned in the contract. The amount of any security deposit which is in most of the case is refundable the amount of security deposit the amount to be deposited as well as the method to refund security deposit. The utilities and services provided by the landlord to tenant is also mentioned in the rental contract. More over the rental contract template contain the names of the tenants who will occupy the unit and who are responsible for the rent or if these is any damage to the rental property who will be responsible for it. The name, address, and contact information of the landlord in case of emergencies. Here you are provided with ready to use rental contract template all you need to download the template and can customize according to your requirements


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Tenancy Termination Letter

The tenancy termination letter is a written legal document that specify that your lease contract or rental contract is about to end and in most of the cases written by landlord to the tenant. It is of utmost importance for these letters to be written with great care every point of the letter must be clear enough to avoid any kind of confusion and misunderstanding. The reason for termination the rental property should be clearly written in the letter of termination. The letter of termination is clear sign that the landlord do not want renewal of the lease agreement. There are various reasons for not reviewing the contract, one of the most basic one is, the landlord have sol the property or he have signed the new lease contract with someone else. The purpose of this letter is to inform the tenant that they have to vacant the lease property before the specified time mentioned on the letter. For this purpose the letter is written 20 to 30 days before deadline. These letters are used to avoid any kind of court proceedings.

The tenancy is terminated in case the landlord need the property for personal use or they can vacant the property in case the property need repair. These kind of letters are of great importance as it ill inform the tenant about the exact date to vacant the place. Moreover, they get to know the reason for tenancy termination or if there is some balance amount it is mentioned in the letter too. Other than this it is a legal way to proceed any kind notice. Here you are provided with ready to use letters which will assist you by saving your time and effort. All you need to do is to download template and personalize accordingly.

tenant termination

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Joint Venture Contract Template

A joint venture contract template is a written legal document between two companies in which they decide to have mutual benefits on the cost of sharing their resources. These kind of contracts are of great importance as they share legal importance and they are sharing their resources, which could include capital, personnel, physical equipment, facilities or intellectual property such as patent. There are so many benefits of having a joint venture contract as you will have the opportunity to use the resources which you don’t have and the expertise of other companies it will extend your your choice of options as well. Most of the time one investor have well equipped system and don’t have trained employees in this case a joint venture with a company which have a bunch of well trained employee will be a great assistance and will prove beneficial for both the companies.

While thinking for the joint venture contract you must need to know that these contract involve the financial investment of both the companies it could be risk taking as well. While preparing a contract for joint venture you must need to mention all the important points of the contract the terms and conditions as well as it is also mentioned in the contract that if any of the company owner will not follow any condition what will be the consequences for this. In short this contract is an effort in which companies share their interests or come together to become a new and improved entity. Here you are provided with ready to use contracts which are prepared with great care and precaution. We believe in quality so the contract template provided here is up to the mark. All you need to do is to download the ready to use template and personalize it accordingly.


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Landscaping Contract Template

A landscaping contract template states the terms and condition that governs the contractual agreement between a landscaping company and a client who agrees to be bound by this contract. Generally these contracts are very crucial because without a landscaping contract a property owner may not have clearly understand of what services you agreed to provide and when the payment is payable. Therefore it is very important to have a written contract that outline all landscaper services as well as prevent misunderstanding between you and your client. This contract clearly highlights how long you would want the contract to last as well as clearly highlight the number of hours you would like the landscaper to work.

Benefits of Landscaping Contract Template

Generally a landscaping contract template lays out all the terms and conditions of your agreement and clearly outlines the expectations of both parties. Normally these contracts include some basic information such as the name of landscaping company or landscaper, the name of the property owner, address of the property, name of the person that is responsible for bill, liabilities of landscaper, time frames, payments, materials, terms of the agreement, end date of agreement, methods for sorting out any disputes or any special condition. This contract restricts both parties to stay on same page and things will go smoothly without any obstacle.

Generally you can use landscaping contract template if your business provides landscaping services or in case if you are hiring a landscaper to perform landscaping services for you. These contracts helps your landscaping projects complete on time and on budget as well. This contract also covers item that may result in significant costs and the company is responsible for the cost that includes any sort of damage by the carelessness or oversight. A landscaping agreement template also outline the term of payment therefore both parties are fully aware of what lies in terms of compensations of labor.

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Artist Contract Template

An artist contract template is a legal document in which an agreement between an artist and owner or manger of artwork is arranged. Generally when planning an exhibition or artwork whether it be a temporary or travelling it is necessary to have written agreement with contributing institute and artists. Therefore it is very important for all artists that they should be professionally contracted before the start of any project work through a written as well as signed contract because these contracts clearly spell out the roles and liabilities of the artist, the owner of artwork or any other staff involved.

Details of Artist Contract Template

Generally an artist contract template is a simple agreement that lay out all terms and condition under which the artist will perform their work smoothly without any hindrance. These contracts brings clarity and consensus therefore all parties can review it before initiating on a joint project and if any dispute arise in future this contract stands as a legal document to fall back on. Therefore this contract can protects all parties by avoiding disputes as well as serving as a document trial if things do go wrong. An artist agreement template lists the mutual understanding as well as promise between two or more parties and helps in creating a clear path to attain desired outcomes from the project.

Generally an artist contract template will protect your legal rights as an artist and makes sure that the artist himself will respect the rights of the owner or manager of artwork as well as gives yourself more opportunities for compensation. These contracts include some basic information such as the date of the agreement, artist name, name of the institute, detail of the work, time frame, venues, resources, benefits, cancellation policies, copyright issues, scope of description, transportation arrangements, dispute resolution, force mature, payment details, rights for compensation, authoritarian terms, payment schedule and includes other essential provisions.

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Home Improvement Contract Template

A home improvement contract template is a legal agreement which establishes the working relationship between a homeowner and a building contractor when you want to make major renovation or upgrades your home. Generally a homeowner hires a building contractor and it is the best way for both parties to secure their interests by signing a home improvement contract before starting the renovation. A well written home improvement contract template is one of the best communication ways for both the contractor and a consumer because it avoids conflicts about what a job will include. These contracts should contain everything agreed upon by the homeowner and a building contractor.

Details of Home Improvement Contract Template

Generally a home improvement contract template is used for residential improvements or extensions which details the work to be done, time frames, estimated cost, general scope of work description, permits, zoning requirements, rules pertaining to the property, the terms of the agreement, description of material or equipment, work to be done by subcontractors, progress payments, the date of completion and other vital information. In addition if a contractor breaches their contractual liabilities you may want to include a provision for the recovery of lawyer’s fees and if you want to resolve conflict by mediation or adjustment ensures that it is translated in home improvement contract.

Generally remodeling the existing house is a grueling job and it takes series of decision making steps during a work that is why it is advisable to create a home improvement contract template before starting the actual work. You can also make sure that the contract also includes the detail of cleanup as well as removal of debris and materials. This home improvement agreement template serves several benefits such as it protects all the legal rights of the building contractor, it gives peace of mind to homeowner, it will act as a guide, it gives you support by which you can easily attain the desired results on time and it also avoids any kind of misunderstanding.

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Photography Contract Template

An event photography contract template is a written agreement that contains the entire understanding between the photographer and the host of the event. Generally these contracts are design for the photographers to keep a track of their clients. This is normally a signed contract for event photography services as well as payment for the booking fee are essential to confirm the stated event services from the photographer. It is beneficial for both parties if the host and the photographer consent to happily cooperating as well as communicating with each other to attain the best possible outcome within the understanding of event photography contract.

Generally this contract is especially for the event photography therefore it does not only include details about the event and photography but also includes the details of event representative and the event package. This contract commutes all prior as well as simultaneous agreements between both parties therefore the only way to add or modify this contract is to do so in writing and that is signed by all parties which are involved in the agreement. Through this photography agreement template both parties will be on same page and they have something to take to court in case of any dispute.

Generally the basic purpose of these agreements is to secure the both parties as well as clearly specify the event photography services that will be provided. Here are some crucial points for an effective event photography contract template such as client identification, contact information of client, type of event, address of the event, date and time of event, hours of work, price, term of payments, deliverable services, policies on other photographs, failure to comply clause as well as mutual protection. Most importantly this contract should be mutually beneficial because that makes it easier for a client to sign a contract when they see that you are taking on some risks as well.

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Makeup Artist Contract Template

A makeup artist contract template is a formal agreement that is arranged between a makeup artist and their client. Generally it is a simple agreement that lay out all terms and condition under which the artist will perform their work smoothly without any obstacle. This contract also spells out the responsibilities as well as liabilities between the client and the makeup artist to prevent any issues in the working relationship. Therefore it is very important for both parties to have a signed contract that will be used a reference relating to the arrangements that they have agreed upon.

Details of Makeup Artist Contract Template

Generally a makeup artist contract template brings clarity as well as consensus so that the artist and their client can review it before initiating on a joint project and if any dispute arises in the future this contract stands as a legal document to fall back on. This contract allows both parties to know about their functions as well as it gives them the thought of entire process that they are required to be done in a given period of time. This contract will protect the legal rights of makeup artist and makes sure that the artist himself will respect the rights of their clients.

Generally you can use makeup artist contract template if you are independent makeup artist and provides services or in case if you are hiring a makeup artist to perform services for you. With the help of this contract things will go smoothly for you because it outline all the terms and conditions of your agreement as well as clearly explains the expectations for both parties including specific details about the time frames, funds, makeup materials, services or methods for solving if something goes wrong. A makeup artist agreement template includes provisions such as the date of the agreement, name of the client, the terms of the agreement, supplies, liability, confidentiality, indemnification of the liability, attorney’s fees and legal miscellany.

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Equipment Rental Contract Template

An equipment rental contract template is a written agreement between a company or a vendor and lessee. This contract allows companies to rent equipment for a certain period of time and it is also known as equipment lease contract or simply equipment leases. Hence, through this contract company gives the lessee the right to take the equipment as well as contract outlines the terms and conditions regarding the use of equipment. These rental contracts can be quite flexible to fit the company and lessee’s requirements although certain provisions must be negotiated in addition to the patterns.

Details of Equipment Rental Contract Template

Generally these equipment contracts are undertaken with the hope of minimizing the upfront costs for a business or in case if equipment is needed for a limited period of time. This contract spells out the all the terms and conditions of the agreement that a company or lessee agrees to follow in their rental relationship. Here are some key considerations you must make when dealing with an equipment rental contract such as contract must clearly define what equipment is being rented, terms of agreement, establish what the rent of each equipment per day, usage limitations, repair or maintenance of equipment, warranties, loss or damage, transportation and installations.

Generally an equipment rental contract template is extremely crucial document that is full of important information such as how long the tenant can occupy the equipment as well as the amount of rent due each day. This contract also covers item that may result in significant costs and it is very important to outline who is the responsible if something goes wrong with the equipment or who must pay for any damage if equipment malfunctions or causes an accident. An equipment rental agreement template helps to reduce the time as well as expenses of the company because through this contract they can rent the equipment without any hindrance.

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Freelance Work Contract Template

A freelance work contract template is a legal binding between independent worker and their clients. It is also known as independent contractor agreement or consulting agreement. These contracts are important tools for freelancers and their customers to ensure that they are clear about the scope of the work that will be done. These contracts protect the both parties by outlining their liabilities clearly as well as reduce the risk of any misunderstandings or conflicts. Usually it is a formal agreement and once its signed it tell both parties what they can expect as well as it helps you to set the scope of the work.

Benefits of Freelance Work Contract Template

Generally freelancing contract templates provide clear guideline regarding the work to be performed and clearly highlight the compensation that can be paid for that work. Therefore it is very important that a freelancer have the client’s signature on a contract before performing any service for their client. These contracts grab some important information such as the date of the agreement, name the parties to be contract, defining the work to be performed, provide a description of services, responsibilities, specify compensation, define the relationship, outlines a project schedule, confidentiality, termination of the contract and what happens after the contract ends.

Generally a freelance work contract template outline all the terms and condition of the project and help to define both parties liabilities with respect to confidentiality. These contracts are governed in all aspects by the laws of the state and also specify on what either party could terminate the contract. These contracts reduce the room for interpretation between the freelance and client as well as give peace of mind to the client. These contracts are very helpful in case of any dispute or misunderstanding because contracts are legally enforceable in a court of law. Generally a freelance agreement template arises when the parties agrees that there is an agreement and each party of an agreement have capacity to enter the agreement.

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